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Promotions - The Cavendish Restaurant

Dubai is a city bustling with life and taste, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines and this idea is certainly reflected in the menu of the Cavendish! The restaurant prides itself on serving delicious food with a creative twist that can only be described as the 'Dubai taste'. The Cavendish caters for every preference with a unique fusion of delicious international cuisine and the exotic elements of the Middle East. The level of care and time that goes into producing this fabulous fare is beyond measure! In fact, our Executive Chef’s mantra is straightforward, anything that can be made from scratch should be - no exceptions!


Opening Hours:
Breakfast: 6:30a.m.–11:00a.m. 
Lunch: 12:30p.m.–6:00p.m. 
Dinner : 6:00p.m.–11:00p.m.

Current Promotions offered by The Cavendish Restaurant:


Brunch with us at The Cavendish Restaurant

Our Bloody Mary Breakfast brunch is ready for you every Friday and Saturday between 11:30 am-03:00 pm in The Cavendish Restaurant.

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Mussels Night at The Cavendish Restaurant

Can yo resist fresh mussels? Join us every Thursday Night at The Cavendish Restaurant for Unlimited Mussels & Wine.

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Discover Italy at The Cavendish Restaurant

Come dine with us tonight. Try our Italian al la carte menu and join us for an exciting trip to the world of Italian cuisine at your favorite Cavendish Restaurant & Terrace.

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